Paros Windsurf Center is equipped with the latest product range of RRD boards and rigs. All the equipment is like new since we are trying to replace it every year. The Center offers a full windsurfing rental service, including professional tuition for beginners, intermediate and advanced sailors.


We provide the pro editions of the latest RRD Boards and Sails


We offer the best equipment you can find at challenging price


Visit our booking page in order to secure the board of your choice

Available Equipment

The club is equiped with over than 80 boards and 90 sails. Making sure that all, beginner,wave,freestyle,freestylewave and freeride riders will find the board and sail of their choice. Below you can see a part of our fleet. More boards and sails may be available on the spot.

RRD Easy Ride

Available sizes: 220lt,180lt

RRD Wavecult V8 Wave

Available sizes: 74lt, 82lt,92lt


Available sizes: 90lt,95lt,100lt,105lt,115lt

RRD freeride

Available sizes: 110lt,120lt,130lt

RRD Twintip Freesstyle

Available sizes: 91lt,100lt

RRD HI-FLIGHT foilboard

Available sizes: 150lt



Available sizes: 1-3 m²


Available sizes: 3.7-5.2 m²


Available sizes: 3.7-5.2 m²​​


Available sizes: 3.3-5.2 m²3


Available sizes: 4.0-5.6 m²


Available sizes: 6-7.2 m²




  • Including board, complete rig, harness . All our boards are limited edition, top quality, updated annually. Masts are RDM 80% to 100% carbon. Sails are heavy duty, best contraction, also updated annually.
  • Posible to change the material as often as you need depending on the conditions of the day.
  • Pre-Booking discount.
  • Insurance for damage to the equipment is optional.


Including board, complete rig, and guidance from a member of our team

Pricelist Without Damage insurance

  • 2 hours - 50€
  • half day- 60€
  • Full day - 80€
  • 2 days - 130€
  • 3 days - 190€
  • 4 days - 240€
  • 5 days - 300€
  • 6 days - 350€
  • 1 week - 400€

Please send us an email with your specific needs and ask us for the complete pricelist.


Kostas Da man


Beach Master

Once Kostas watched on national tv, the P.W.A. Race in Paros back in 1993, he promised himself that he would visit the place once, to windsurf those clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea. The time never came until 1997 when he decided to quit “normal” life, family, and friends for awhile, and try to find a summer job in Paros, maybe for a season or two so as to be on his “utopian” windsurfing spot! Summer job was easy to find and in his free time he was running to go windsurfing down at his favorite spot! His “career” at paros windsurf center started exactly that year (1997), when he volunteered to work in order to use the center’s gear for free! The center’s gear has been always updated and no one can resist in trying new boards and sails 😉. Summer seasons spent in Paros were finally more than one or two and in 2003 he started working at the center full time. Dream come true? Yes! Then what? Well 2019, Lila papanikolaou and her brother nikos papanikolaou owners of the surf club proposed to kostas and Giannis to be the owners of the center!!! No dilemma there and here he goes deeper in his dream..

Giannis Souloutzidakis


The engineer

Giannis basically learned how to walk, on a windsurf board. Since he was six years old, his father was taking him and his brother, tandem rides with the first windsurf boards that arrived in Greece. As a natural outcome, he became professional windsurfer at the age of 12, winning multiple youth national championships and participating in European and World events. He spent most of his summer seasons in Paros surf club, training, working and having fun. Giannis other love, engineering, led him complete a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering and a Master’s degree in Robotics. Although, his first love,windsurf, could not be second choice. Giannis decided that he wanted to be on the water and out in the nature fulltime! After Lila and Nikos  proposed him to take over Paros surf club with his friend, Kostas, he knew that this was the perfect choice ..


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